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Posted 06.22.10 • 2010 layoffs, Paper Cuts

Joliet, Ill.
Owner: Sun-Times Media Group
Effective: June 16, 2010

Two editorial employees were laid off. Can you help with the details? Leave a comment or e-mail me at newspaperlayoffs@gmail.com.
Source: Crain’s Chicago Business

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  1. Cindy McFadden says:

    It’s no wonder they have lay offs. I called today regarding my subscription with the Hearld News, and once again the wait time to speak with a live person was 30+ minutes. By the end of my wait. I had no longer wished to renew but instead cancelled my business subscription. I asked to speak with a supervisor but was told one was not available; someone would call me back. Three hours later I received a call from a supposed supervisor. The call came up on the caller ID from Manutoba Canada. The girl Amber said she was a supervisor from the Herald Newspaper/Sun Times. I questioned where she was calling from and she confirmed Canada and that the Hearld News/Sun Times contracts them to handle customer service.
    NO WONDER the local Joliet paper is laying off people. The people in Canada will take care of us locals.
    NOTE: Both my business and Home subscriptions have been cancelled.
    I am a Local family business and support the people in my community.

    Cindy McFadden