Dallas Observer: 2 *

Posted 10.13.11 • 2011 layoffs, Paper Cuts

Owner: Village Voice Media
Effective: Sept. 26, 2011

The paper’s only full-time sports reporter was laid off. “I didn’t exactly see this coming,” Richie Whitt wrote in his last column. “Impossible to envision going from emcee of Brew at the Zoo one week, to writing the paper’s cover story the next week, to … poof. But it’s another sign of the terrible, terminal disease rotting newspapers to death. One minute your blog is a prototype; the next, the fat that must be trimmed.”
Sources: The Dallas Observer via New York Observer via Paper Cuts tip

Update: A staff writer and the assistant arts and culture editor were laid off. (11.03.11)
Source: Paper Cuts tip

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